Student/Intern Program Requirements

Students will be required to meet the following criteria:

  • Clinical Background
  • Cleared drug test
  • Must currently be in good heath
  • Current CPR card (if your CPR certification is due to expire during your rotation, you must renew it to have a viable certification)
  • Current PPD check or Chest X-Ray
  • Vaccination records
  • Receive a flu vaccine (if attending during Dec. 1st - April 1st, if you wish to waive the vaccine, you must wear a mask at all times while at the hospital)

Once approved by your school, the school coordinator must Contact the Student Coordinator for placements.

Internship and Placement Approval

  • Your program coordinator will provide you with a copy of the Student Orientation Manual and assessment. You must read it and complete the assessment.
  • Your program coordinator will send the files validating the completion of your assessment to the Nicklaus Children's Hospital Intern Coordinator to process.
  • The Intern Coordinator will send your program coordinator your Nicklaus Children's Hospital Student ID#.

During the Internship

  • Sign in and out at the designated kiosk each day you (a kiosk is located in front of the Volunteer Resources Department)
  • Wear your student ID at all times.If you are issued at Hospital ID, wear the hospital ID at all times. Badgemust be worn above the waist.
  • Wear clean school approved uniform.If no uniform, the hospital dress code is business casual. Jeans are not permitted.
  • Follow all Nicklaus Children's Hospital policies as outlined in the Student Orientation Manual.